Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

Title: Christmas Eve Candle Light Service
Location: Sebring Friends Church 615 S. Johnson Rd
Description: Join us for a moment as we stop to reflect on the Reason for this Season! There will be angelic singing from our children and choir, that bring back childhood memories and a peace that will overcome you as your in the presence of the Lord our Savior!
Start Time: 6:00
Date: 2014-12-24
End Time: 7:00

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Sebring Community Thanksgiving Eve Service @ 7:00 pm @ Sebring Friends Church

We would like to invite you and your family to hear Rev. Bill Harvey from Copeland Oaks for it will be a message that touches each and everyone of your hearts.

There will be a collection of paper products and canned meats to be donated to the Concern in Sebring, for it reaches out to many families in need throughout the year!


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Upcoming Live Nativity on Dec. 12 & 13

We want to renew the True meaning of Christmas from the comfort of your warm cars by driving thru our live nativity. You will hear angelic singing, narrative of the Christmas story, and see live animals. We hope you will be filled by the Holy Spirit as you get reintroduce to the birth of the Savior! We invite you into the church for a hot beverages and delicious cookies. We may even have a surprise guest for the kids!

Please invite everyone you know for this rememberable event.

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Kids Club for ages 3-11 yrs. old, every Wednesday night @ 6:30 pm!

Kids Club is a time for your little ones to learn about the old Bible stories we grew up hearing, playing with kids in a safe enviroment, and having a snack! We hope to see you as well your whole family!!!

This is perfect for parents who would love to be part of the book club reading “before Ament” by Max Lucado, or who has a teenager that wants to come to Youth Group!

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Book Club on “before Amen” by Max Lucado on Wednesday nights @ 6:30

This book is to show how the power of a simple prayer can be so powerful that we will ask ourselves “why did I not do this before”? We get so busy in our lives that we forget to pray for our love ones, the strenght to make it through a difficult situation or even through the day. Prayer to God is like talking to our friends, partners, co-workers. It does not have to be said with fancy words, showmenship just call out His name and talk to Him. God is always listening and waiting to hear from you!

Please take God off hold and pray to him. Do not allow the excuse to be “what am I going to do with my kids”, we have something for all ages.

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Looking to have a blast, come to Youth Group every Wednesday night @ 6:30

Are you bored? Looking to hang out with other believers? Or curious about “Gods not Dead“!? We have the answers to all above? We invite ANY youth from the grades 6-12th to come join us! Any questions please call the church at 330-938-9360.

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Thank you for your support during the Community Garage Sale

We invite you to come on Sunday at 9:30 for Sunday School followed by Moring Service at 10:30!

From the support of our community as well neighboring communities we were able to raise money for our Live Nativity this Christmas Season! Thank you again.  We invite each an everyone who were able to stop in for a refreshment as well the ones who were not able to for different reasons to come back and visit us soon!

May God Bless each and everyone of you as you go on in your life in serving God our Heavenly Father!

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Community Fellowship Free Dinners on Dec. 8th @ 5-7 pm @ B. L. Miller School

Different business in the Sebring area will cater a meal for FREE to the community! The menu will vary each month. During the school year it will be hosted at B.L. Miller School on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. During the summer the meals will be held at Sebring Community Center on W. Texas Ave. Please click on the calendar to view the menu as well if there will be a meal that day.

Please come and enjoy a delicious meal and great fellowship!

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Sebring Evangelical Friends Church Web Site

Welcome to the Sebring Evangelical Friends Church’s Web Site.

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