The Spiritual Life: A Biblical Objection to Calvinism Video

As Quakers we hold to an Arminian view of Soteriology (The study of Salvation) and some of us would say its closer to Wesleyan Armininiasm. In recent years there has been an uptick in churches that hold to Reformed theology, with prominent pastors like John MacArthur and John Piper who hold to this Reformed theology which has at its heart Calvinism. There has also been many in this movement who have left the Reformed movement because, upon examining the Scriptures, they have discovered that Calvinism (Which came from the followers of Calvin at the Remonstrance of Dort and not John Calvin himself) is unbiblical. In this video Mike Winger, a Calvary Chapel Pastor from California, discusses the unbibleical aspects of Calvinism.

The Spiritual Life Blog
by Tom Brown
Elder of Spiritual Life -Sebring Friends Church