The Spiritual Life: Is the Newly Released Passion Bible Translation Dangerous?

The Passion Translation is a new version of the bible that was translated by Brian Simmons. Brian Simmons is a part of the “Signs and Wonders” Movement within the Charismatic church and He is also involved with the “New Apostolic Reformation” (Not to be confused with Reformed Theology). Mr. Simmons’ purpose for translating this new version of the bible was to make a “heart level” translation of the bible. Critics have pointed out that his translation is sectarian in nature in that it supports the Signs and Wonders view of Christianity. In a previous Spiritual Life blog on Bible Translations we had a commenter ask about the Passion translation and due to the nature and problems with this translation I thought it was a good idea to do a blog on this translation. In the video below Mike Winger is a Calvary Chapel pastor from California who will take an in depth look at this translation and some of the problems it poses

In this follow up video Pastor Mike WInger exposes the agenda and the origins of the Passion bible.

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by Tom Brown
Elder of Spiritual Life -Sebring Friends Church