Sunday Feb. 12th 6:30 PM @ Sebring Friends Church


Your mission,should you choose to accept it….

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Experience
  • Try
  • Learn
  • Try Agein
  • Have Fun

We think it’s about time someone recognizes the creative power of kids and and gives them a place to let it take off.

That is why, from its name to the Ideas an event reveals, KIDS LIKE YOU have had a big part in decision-making and dreaming.

JOIN US for our first-ever KIDLAUNCHERS event on Sunday February 12th, 6:15 & see how we get our name!


  • This event was designed for school-age kids, but adjunct care for younger kiddos is provided. Snack included
  • Clothes suitable for the above-mentioned “mission requirements” are advised
  • If able, you can offset our cost with a $3 offering – No pressure.
  • Call Cathy with any questions 330-853-9309